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  1. Seattle to Portland, the dusty way pt. 3

    28 Sep 2017

    This is the third and final part of my bikepacking adventure from Seattle to Portland. It picks up in the Olallie Lake Campground in Gifford-Pinchot National Forest in Washington.  I gathered my small camp together and packed up the Troll while my camp neighbors continued to throw food at me…

  2. Seattle to Portland, the dusty way pt. 2

    22 Sep 2017

    This is part 2 of my bikepacking trip from Seattle to Portland. It picks up just west of Mount Rainier National park. I weaved my way through the park, past the Longmire Lodge, over a burly wooden bridge over the Niqually River, then right onto the Paradise Valley Road, up…

  3. Rabbit hole in the sand; 2 bars and a Troll

    17 Mar 2017

    AUSTIN – The tire/rim combination of Surly Extra Terrestrial 26 x 2.5 mounted tubeless to a 50mm Surly Rabbit Hole rim has proven itself as smooth and capable on several paved, hard-pack and moderately loose surfaces – wet and dry I decided to kick it up a notch with my…

  4. Monkey Nuts to the rescue

    11 Jan 2017

    AUSTIN – This whole “gears” thing is working out better than I thought it would. A modern, new and proper one-by (1x10) drivetrain is quiet, shifts smoothly and stays out of the way. I have no reservations about mashing gears or churning the seemingly endless torque up hills and/or through…

  5. How to carry a giant water bottle

    01 Jan 2017

    AUSTIN – I wanted to make use of the water bottle (I refuse to use the term “bidon”) mounts under the downtube of the Surly Troll for their intended purpose.  I first had a red plastic Specialized water bottle cage from my ancient Rocky Mountain that I pressed into use…

  6. The Troll gets gears, fatter rims

    26 Dec 2016

    AUSTIN - I made some drivetrain changes on the Surly Troll: replacing the single-speed drivetrain with a 1x10 drivetrain, which also includes a return to the 50mm wide Surly Rabbit Hole rims and familiar 26 x 2.5 Extra Terrestrial tires.   If I could have more than one mountain bike or…

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