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  1. Extraterrestrial, a Ranger and snow

    22 Feb 2018

    PORTLAND, Oregon — I finally had the chance to ride through snow (over paved surfaces, mostly) with a Surly ExtraTerrestrial tire, mounted on a 50mm Rabbit Hole rim, used as a rear tire. I have a WTB Ranger Tough 3.0 front tire, mounted on the same rim Snow is rare…

  2. World Naked Bike Ride Portland

    30 Jun 2017

    PORTLAND, Oregon — I attended my third World Naked Bike Ride last weekend, although it was my first in Portland. The others were in Austin.  This blog is about adventure, and WNBR is no different. To add to the adventure, I rode my ancient fixed gear track bike (no brakes,…

  3. A move to Cascadia

    24 Jun 2017

    PORTLAND, Oregon — About a month ago my wife and I officially moved to Cascadia, from Austin, and settled into an apartment in a downtown high-rise near Portland State University. The location is good—near several transit options, casual food options, a variety of convenience stores—and the building is comfortable and…

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