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  1. Monkey Nuts to the rescue

    11 Jan 2017

    AUSTIN – This whole “gears” thing is working out better than I thought it would. A modern, new and proper one-by (1x10) drivetrain is quiet, shifts smoothly and stays out of the way. I have no reservations about mashing gears or churning the seemingly endless torque up hills and/or through…

  2. How to carry a giant water bottle

    01 Jan 2017

    AUSTIN – I wanted to make use of the water bottle (I refuse to use the term “bidon”) mounts under the downtube of the Surly Troll for their intended purpose.  I first had a red plastic Specialized water bottle cage from my ancient Rocky Mountain that I pressed into use…

  3. The Troll goes Extra Terrestrial

    10 Aug 2016

    AUSTIN - I wasn’t completely sure about the Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 26 x 2.15 Evolution I mounted to replace the Surly Dirt Wizard 26 x 2.75. I mean, they’re burly tires meant for the craziest expeditions over the most unridable surfaces with an elephant strapped to your bike, with an…

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